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    The Columbia County School District provides a centralized program, which assures that every gifted student receives the same high-quality enrichment program regardless of the elementary or middle school that child attends. Students admitted to the Gifted Program attend enrichment at the Chrysalis Center one day each school week, transported to and from the Center via school bus from the home school.  The enrichment curriculum uses field trips, resource persons, research projects, performances, and art activities to support the overarching annual multicultural themes.  The Chrysalis Center's activities are conducted as student-centered, inquiry-based explorations in which students' questions drive the instruction; such a framework insures that the students are exposed to the rigor that will equip them with the skills to maximize their learning potential and ability to become lifelong learners.  Chrysalis Center teachers provide experiences to facilitate the development of each student's exceptional potential. In an atmosphere of shared respect for others' viewpoints, students learn to listen, think, collaborate, and articulate their ideas in daily classroom activities.  If you believe you know a student who is intellectually gifted and would benefit from the Chrysalis Center program, please contact the guidance counselor at the student's school.

Hoagie's Gifted Education page: well maintained, visually appealing, highly engaging. All about being the parent of a gifted child, being a gifted child, or  a gifted adult, or the teacher of a gifted student.  "Gifted 101" is a summary of giftedness as it is understood in education today. Many links to related sites. If you are looking for project ideas or inspirations, try the "Internet Investigations" sections.

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